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Key Facts

  • A minimum investment of £1,000
  • A maximum investment of £250,000
  • Interest is paid semi-annually and gross of tax
  • No fees or hidden charges
  • Our bonds are eligible within a Stocks and Shares ISA
  • Once you have invested into a SynerGIS Bond you can’t take out the money you originally invested before the bond matures

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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About SynerGIS Bonds

A bond is an investment. You invest money with SynerGIS, so that we can invest it into a diversified portfolio of asset-backed lending. Once the bond comes to an end, or matures, SynerGIS then give you your money back, plus interest.
Your capital is at risk, and access to your money is not permitted until the bond matures. 

Click here to watch our video which quickly and simply explains what a bond is.

A SynerGIS Bond is a fixed rate loan note, issued by SynerGIS Capital plc (SynerGIS) and distributed by Global Investment Strategy UK Ltd (GIS) (437558), a British FCA-regulated financial institution.

SynerGIS, through Global Investment Strategy UK Ltd (GIS), is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is a participant in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). GIS is deemed an investment firm by the FSCS. For an investment business, the FSCS may pay compensation up to £50,000 to each eligible claimant. To find out more about the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, click here.

We issue new bonds regularly throughout the year.

Driven by an exceptionally talented team, SynerGIS is designed to push the boundaries in efficient asset financing, providing consumers with responsible and competitive returns.

This is achieved through a mix of secured commercial and development property finance, select trade finance and portfolio management. SynerGIS will additionally retain a liquidity buffer to meet its obligations.

Applying for a SynerGIS Bond

Our fixed rate bonds are available to individuals, aged 18 years or over, who are ordinarily resident in the UK (England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland) for tax purposes and have a permanent UK address. Also, you must have a personal UK bank or building society account to link to your SynerGIS account to receive interest and maturity payments.

Yes. We accept joint applications (maximum of two people), but remember, neither applicant are able to withdraw the investment before the bond comes to an end, and your capital is at risk.

You can invest as little as £1,000 and as much as £250,000 per bond type, per release. Also, when applying for any SynerGIS Bond you can select the ‘ISA wrapper’ option to take advantage of your annual tax-free savings allowance. To find out what the limit is for the current tax year, click here.

The investment limit for a joint account is the same as for a single. You can invest as little as £1,000 and as much as £250,000 per bond, per release. The limit is per account, not per person.

Not at the moment. Currently, we only accept applications online through our website.

SynerGIS Insights

Thoughts and insights from the team at SynerGIS.

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Many factors contribute to economic growth within an economy, but one that plays a role that isn’t always as apparent is that of investment. While those buying investment bonds may not immediately consider the wider impact they could be making, they are in fact contributing to a carefully balanced system. An increasingly important part of growth, companies and governments are relying more on more on the money they obtain by issuing bonds. Investment bonds explained can provide the clarity needed to make the best decisions, so having an awareness of how they impact on the wider company is a good idea.

As the sun sets on another FIFA World Cup, we analyse the economic benefits – both hard and soft – the global tournament can bring.

After years of steady, undramatic growth in equity indices volatility returned with a bang in 2018 with a February “flash-crash” which at one point saw the Dow Jones drop 1,600 points before rallying 750 into the close. Following the shock of February, the markets attempted a recovery before re-testing the previous year-to-date lows but since Easter we have again seen a steady appreciation in equity indices back to near-record levels.

Trying to find the best Fixed Rate Bonds can involve plenty of thought and consideration, as the quest to locate a perfect fit for requirements and expectations may be a timely one. An important factor to be considered is whether Fixed Rate Bonds with access are something that could be appealing.

Nobody can plan their life month-by-month or year-by-year, but having an idea on when you are likely to make the biggest credit application in your life – your mortgage application – can help you optimise your credit rating and help lenders to give you the best deals.

Many firms offer a free report which allow you to check your credit score and identify any issues which may deter potential lenders from offering you their best deals. The main providers are:

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Base Prospectus

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Final Term Sheets

SynerGIS Bond Terms and Conditions

SynerGIS Bond Terms and Conditions

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Ancillary Policy Documents


Savings Calculator

Use the calculator to find out how much you will earn with your SynerGIS Bond

Investment Amount

Duration (years)

*AER (%)

Total Investment plus interest

These rates are indicative only. Please refer to final term sheets which will be published prior to the issuance of each bond.

*AER (Annual Equivalent Rate) illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year.

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